Name:  Kirsten

Roles:  (1) God's daughter; (2) Happy wife/help-mate; (3) Proud momma

Mad Skills:
  • Loads dishes like it's a game of Tetris
  • A one-woman concert for 80's, 90's and country music
  • Plans meals for an entire month at a time
  • Reached expert-level at "come-to-Jesus meetings" with her pre-teen daughter
  • Buys a week's worth of groceries in 30 minutes or less, and on budget
  • Master of belly rubs for her furbabies
Names:  Marley and Mark

Mark's Roles:  (1) God's son; (2) Kirsten's WAY better-half; (3) Most patient and awesome stepdaddy in the history of ever

Mark's Mad Skills:
  • Successfully lives (and thrives!) in a household full of estrogen for going on 8 years now
  • Landscape champion
  • Has the patience of Job.  For real.
  • Guitar master
  • Air-drum level: Expert

Marley's Roles: (1) God's daughter; (2) Kirsten and Mark's youngin; (3) Super cool middle school student

Marley's Mad Skills:
  • Sings back-up during Kirsten's in-the-car concerts like a champ!
  • Rides horses like it's her job
  • Killer sense of humor
  • Genuinely loving to everyone she meets
  • Mastered the art of procrastination

Here's the thing:  Back when I started my first blog, One Tough Mother, I wanted a simple blog in which to share things about our family and our life.  Well, after some time, I started trying to roll with the big boys (or girls, in most cases) and I really feel like I lost my overall vision.

I started worrying about numbers - page views, followers, Facebook fans, and the like - rather than worrying about...well, nothing really.  It's a blog!  It shouldn't be stressful, right?

I was so deep into the "business of blogging" that I didn't really see that it had turned into it's own little monster.  It took a strong push from the Lord to show me that I was missing out on my life while staring at a screen.

I took a break, and it was awesome.  Truly.  And over the past few months, I've started to feel that yearning to write and share again.  But I had to take a long, hard look at what I really want this blog to be.

So, I won't do any sponsored posts, unless it's something really, completely awesome that I would use anyway.  I don't care about my numbers.  If one person reads it, or one hundred, or whatever, that's fine with me.  I won't stress about sticking to an editorial calendar, or sharing all over social media, or making sure every post has a Pinterest-perfect graphic.  

What I will do, however, is stay true to myself and my family's values.  I'll talk about our lives, the fun things we do together, the good stuff, the not-so-good stuff, and everything in between.  I'll share how the Lord dictates my steps, how I've been saved by grace through faith, and how I learned the hard way to just sit down, shut up, and listen when He speaks.

Essentially, it'll be life.  Unfiltered, uncensored, and real.

So, allow me to pour you a big ol' mason glass full of sweet tea, and let's sit down and chat.